Let's talk about Pricing. You know as well as we do that one of the first questions you'll get asked when making a sales call is, "What's it cost?" And that is often followed by "That seems like a lot." Things are no different here, if you haven't taken taken the time to think about value before you consider cost.

We base our pricing on a few variables so that we can offer scalable pricing at affordable rates. Let's talk about some of those variables...

  1. How many mobile techs do you have?

    We've found that TruckStock saves the average technician about 30 minutes a day in organizational tasks and part sorting / reordering. So if you have 10 mobile techs, that's 5 hours a day freed up every day, which is over 25 hours a week of extra service calls or reduced labor expense for your business.

  2. Do you already have mobile technology in your trucks?

    The greatest "expense" related to our system is getting mobile internet service in your trucks. If you already have iPads, iPhones, cellular-enabled tablets, Windows or Android phones, or even laptops with cellular hot-spots, your trucks are already set. If you don't, then yes, there's going to be some additional up-front expense and monthly service charges that will have to be considered. We can help you get the best bang for your buck here, and once you do get this technology in your trucks, you'll be amazed at how many ways it can be used.

  3. Do you have a stock room manager or office staff that are ordering and replenishing stock on your trucks?

    TruckStock is a huge efficiency booster. We love saving people time doing one thing so that they can spend that time doing something far more productive and profitable. We've found that our system saves stock managers and office staff at least an hour a day in the organizational process and warranty replacement process.

So there you have it... the variables that define our costs also define how much time and money we'll help your business save and recapture for better use.

Want to know more? Click the box below for our basic pricing. There's more to the story if you'd like to learn, and we're glad to do what we can to make a deal with your organization, whether it's building a custom integration or an entirely new piece of the system that meets your specific needs!

Once you've taken a look, click here to get in touch with us and let's get started.

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TruckStock is a web-based service aimed at helping small-scale businesses leverage technology at an affordable price to create great results, save time and money, and increase revenue. Our pricing structure is primarily based on a per-user model, but additional customization and addons are also available. Contact us for more information.

Prices listed are per-user, per-month. Some limitations may apply. Contact us for details.

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