Tracking supplier information in TruckStock

Posted by on Jul 2, 2014 in Features, News | 0 comments

TruckStock is constantly evolving to meet the needs of those we serve. Today we added a few new fields to our system that will help mobile service companies better track the parts and supplies they need on their trucks. Our parts management screen now includes a “Supplier” and “Cost” field that can be used to track just that… supplier names and costs. We’ll now be able to created additional reports for cost...

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Setting up a Stock Room

Posted by on Apr 5, 2014 in Features, News | 0 comments

We’re proud to be releasing a significant enhancement to TruckStock today. This piece has been on the road-map for some time, and we’re thankful for the guys over at Chud Company for their input as we brought it to life. This post serves to provide a general overview of the Stock Room feature, the benefits it provides, and how to get started with it right away. The Stock Room Many mobile service companies have a stock room at their...

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TruckStock Maintenance – Friday, April 4

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We will be taking TruckStock down for a few hours of maintenance tomorrow evening, Friday, April 4. During this maintenance period, we will be updating the system with a great new feature that will allow you to track the inventory of your stock room as well as your trucks. For any given part, you’ll be able to enter the quantity of that part you keep in your stock room, and as trucks stock requests are fulfilled, those requests can be pulled...

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Coming Soon… Stock Room Requests and Fulfillments

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Keeping your trucks stocked with the correct recipe of parts is a crucial step as you build an efficient set of systems with your mobile-service business. Whether you run an HVAC shop, a plumbing company, or any other type of business where mobile techs are constantly on the move installing, servicing, and maintaining equipment, you need the right equipment on your trucks… the first time. A wasted trip back to the shop (or worse yet, a...

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A Mobile Facelift

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Recently we’ve begun doing more on-site and remote demos of TruckStock. This has necessitated that everything work “just right,” because a button that isn’t sized right or a screen that doesn’t fit an iPad “just so” can really take the train off the track, if you know what I mean. Even if the fix is just part of our normal setup process for a new customer, having things just a little off in the demo can...

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Let the Integration… Begin!

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During the past month we’ve started reaching out to HVAC parts and equipment distributors to tell them about TruckStock, and the response has been amazing! We can’t wait to share more with you in the very near future about how we’re going to be able to further help dealers, installers, and your basic mom & pop heating and cooling company better track and replenish the parts and supplies they need to run their business....

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