We’ve noticed during some testing that our truck stock request page has been getting a bit… how do we say this… doggone slow! As we’ve added layer after layer of beneficial features, more and more information has been required to be passed back to the server, and while our servers are lightning fast, it was starting to bog things down a bit. We haven’t received any complaints, but this was one that just felt like it had to be fixed.

The problem lay in the way we customize the parts list on a truck-by-truck basis. If an install truck is to be stocked with 5 filters, as an example, we know that’s the most any tech should be able to request. But if Truck 100 has already requested 2 of those filters because they used them on jobs, we really know there are only 3 filters left on that truck. All of that figuring takes quite a bit of logic, and when you’ve built that logic over time and in layers, things get a bit clunky.

This is no more. We’ve cleaned up the logic, sped the page up more than 10X faster, and hope you enjoy the difference, if you ever even noticed it.