Truck Stock is designed to help you manage the parts and supplies you need on your service and maintenance trucks. Our recently added stock room feature also helps you manage your own central stock room, as requests your techs make in the field can now be deducted from a central “stock room” inventory.

The thing is, you may not always “fulfill” the stock room just like you do a truck. Just because you’re running low on inventory of filters doesn’t mean you’re going to order exactly the amount you need to get that quantity back up to where it was. You might have 40 items that have been used, as an example, but you instead buy a box of 50. Until now, you’d have to update TruckStock in a two step process – fulfill the pending 40 requests, and then go to the Manage Parts page and increase the quantity in the stock room by the remaining 10.

This is no longer! When fulfilling stock room requests, you can now enter a number greater than the number requested (you have to type the number in, you can’t just use the “+” button). Any overstocks will automatically be added to your stock room’s inventory count, even if there were no requests directly tied to it.

See the screenshot below, and let us know if you have any questions or would like to start a trial right now!

Truck Stock Overstocking Stock Room