We will be taking TruckStock down for a few hours of maintenance tomorrow evening, Friday, April 4. During this maintenance period, we will be updating the system with a great new feature that will allow you to track the inventory of your stock room as well as your trucks. For any given part, you’ll be able to enter the quantity of that part you keep in your stock room, and as trucks stock requests are fulfilled, those requests can be pulled from the stock room and later fulfilled as you restock parts from your suppliers.

You are by no means forced into using this this update if you don’t want to track the inventory of your stock room, and it won’t even be activated unless you specifically set it up. Once the live system is updated and we have tested it thoroughly, we’ll send out an email with additional information about the benefits this new feature provides, along with an instructional video and blog post.

The system will not be taken down until after 9:00 PM EST (6:00 PM PST). If you have any problems with the timing of this update, please, let us know, and we’ll make arrangements to delay the update until later in the evening or over the weekend.

Thanks for using TruckStock; we look forward to sharing more about this update with you in the coming days!